How it Works – The Process

step one

Initial Contact

Initial onsite consultations arrive too site on time as scheduled. We then go over your wants needs requirements expectations It’s important to understand and determine the direction of the project whether it’s new construction cosmetic upgrade.

This is a crucial step to ensuring that we are a good fit to do business together and can effectively meet your needs by determining with you during this stage we can ensure a successful productive collaboration.

step 2

On-Site Visit

During our on-site assessment, we will examine your property for any potential issues or obstacles that could affect the project’s timeline or budget. This includes evaluating the landscaping, slope, elevation, and other terrain features using digital mapping tools. We will also verify that the project complies with local development standards and regulations by contacting the appropriate authorities and confirming the maximum height allowed and the required clearance distance. By thoroughly reviewing these factors at this stage, we can avoid surprise costs and ensure a smooth and successful project.

step 3

Proposal Review & Acceptance

After gathering some basic information we can begin to draft up a game plan. The information obtained during the first onsite consultation will provide the groundwork measurements necessary to complete the first CAD draft.

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information we will begin the design process by creating a detailed drawing and contract outlining the project requirements and expectations after presenting our proposal to you we will work with you to make any necessary revisions until both parties are in agreement on the build specifications and pricing upon reaching an agreement we will require a deposit to cover the upfront labor and material cost the deposit secures you or your team placement in the queue.

step 4

Production & Project Management

Once we’ve received the signed agreement and deposit we will move forward with the following steps depending on whether this project is an overhead garage door or gate The steps may vary.

Garage Door we place the order for the product, we are provided with a delivery date. We then pick up your product when they arrive bringing them back to our secured location and schedule a time an day that best suited your schedule.

Driveway gate or underground parking gate, we order your materials, create a cut sheet, then proceed to cutting welding fabrication, book powder coat order your operator and access control. Schedule your install date upon receiving confirmation that your product has been properly painted and coated ready for pickup.

While we’re waiting for your product to be powder coated is when we complete framing excavation pillars concrete work various other parts of the project.

step 5

Final Walkthrough

Upon completion of the project, we will conduct a thorough walkthrough with you to ensure that everything meets your expectations. During this walkthrough, we will show you how to operate the finished product and answer any remaining questions you may have. The final payment will be due at this time. With our high-quality workmanship, you can rest assured that your new overhead door, gate, or other project will provide reliable security and protection for your property.

Brief Tutorial:

There are several different reasons for an individual family or business to acquire a new door or gate. The wants, needs, requirements for a property management company strata or privately owned building. Differ case-by-case basis.

A few examples are cosmetic upgrades to increase the street appeal value of your residence or business, could be a security factor possible concern for theft possible vandalization, whether you’re having break-ins or provide peace of mind while you’re away and present.

There are several monitored systems that allow access including visual controls wireless, camera systems my q technology I LiftMaster provides. They are readily available.

There’s a convenience and wow factor to be able to pull up to your property push a button on either remote or car receiving system and the door or gates open.

Keeping your pets and loved ones including all of your possessions inside during the day, where you hope they stay when you’re out and about dealing with life’s day-to-day challenges. When you arrive home after a long day you simply push a button and after you enter allowing the timer to close or single button contact to close.

The overhead garage door on your home or warehouse is potentially non-insulated or wood whereas upgrading to an insulated door You could save potentially 30% on your energy bill saving you money as well as keeping the sound out adding strength structure to your door. There are various makes and models that appear as wood many with a limited lifetime warranty.